What people are saying about W.F. Dexter

Bill is an organizer of projects and people extraordianaire. He brings people to focus on the most difficult subjects with great ease; and they learn it.
— Gil Cook , Dean, NewSchool of Architecture & Design, November 17, 2008

I have known Bill Dexter Professionally since 1995. He has an AAA personality style, endless energy and unlimited creativity to solving problems. Mr. Dexter frequently consults nationally and internationally with numerous A/E/C firms and professional design organizations. If you are seeking someone who is on the front edge of the design and construction industry you need go no further. Because of his teaching skills and experience I have recommended many professionals from the design and construction communities to consult with Mr. Dexter. Finding unique solutions to difficult problems has been Mr. Dexter greatest strength.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Thom Lowther, October 15, 2008
I have worked with Mr. Dexter on several occasions to develop and present current project management curriculum for my oil industry clients in the Middle East. Bill’s last program for the senior engineers at the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company provided valued insight into managing the cost, quality and scheduling of complex oil industry projects. His management systems and forms have been incorporated into a comprehensive project manual that can be used for the daily management by all levels of the field personnel. I would highly recommend Mr. Dexter as a top trainer for construction management topics.
— Husam Adi, General Manager at Skills International – Training & Consulting, Kuwait, UAE
I have know Bill for over 10 years. We have worked together on the development and presentaion of educational programs for the American Institute of Architects. I have always found Bill to be very well organized, carries through consistently on his committments and not only current in his subject matter expertise but a futurist in breaking the barriers for the decvelopment of new knowledge in his work in education.
— Roger Liska, Chair and Professor, Clemson University, October 2, 2008
Bill was a creative and decisive manager who inspired through training and example. As my first career manager, he went beyond basic daily management to share life lessons that have benefited and directed my lifelong career path. I am thankful for the years that I was able to work with Bill and learn from his unique ability to creatively manage people and projects.
— Julie Johns, Network Support Specialist , Barnes & Noble, October 20, 2008
I have attended many of Bill’s workshops and conference seminars and I have also co-facilitated workshops and seminars with Bill, and I must say that he has an amazing depth and breadth of skill and talent in training and group facilitation. He one of the only people I have ever seen that can both hold a group of newbies warmly to rave reviews and also be able to handle a roomful of attorneys in high-stakes negotiation. Bill can explain things in engaging and entertaining ways, and he can switch to high-level industry tech terms in a heartbeat. I always enjoy Bill’s presentations, and I have learned much from him. I’d work with Bill again anytime.
— Katin Imes, Owner & Director of Services, My Internet Dept., September 29, 2008